Friday, November 26, 2010

A Texas thanksgiving

So I was an orphan this thanksgiving but I was luckily enough to have been offered to join a couple of different families. In the end my friend Spencer and his roommate Chad were in Austin to have thanksgiving with Chads family. I was invited along so I cruised up to north east Austin for turkeyday. It was a completely different dinner than I would gave had with my family, but it was still so damn good. They fried two turkeys and baked one. Then there were multiple pies and cakes and deliciousness. I gorged myself. It was all so good. It was very nice of Chads family to invite me in, they were all extremely nice people. Very welcoming, they were all quite intrigued by my travels. It was a really wonderful time. But it was a true Texas thanksgiving, cheesit broccoli pie, brown sugar smothered sweet potatoes, fried Cajun injected turkeys, so much pie and cake... Just awesome really. I cannot express how much I appreciated being allowed to join. This trip has been full of wonderful people. I have been truly blessed. I hope everyone had as good of a thanksgiving as I did. Much love and aloha beautiful people.

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