Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day three flat tire and angel named Amanda

Alohas everyone. So today I find myself in albuquerque... Yesterdays ride was not quite what I expected. I woke up very sore, I was managing a decent pace but was having to stop quite a bit to give my knees a rest. At about mile 340 I stopped to take a quick break and when I went to get back on my bike my rear tire was flat. So I unloaded my bike and went to fix the tire. Unfortunately the hole was in a bad spot and I could not get the patch to hold. So I managed to slow the leak down quite a bit and started limping my way down the road. Though because I spent so much time trying to get the tire fixed I only had about an hour and a half of day light left. So I tried to get as far as I could before dark but having to stop and pump up my tire slowed me down, plus I was going uphill mostly. I managed to make it 20 more miles to the last stop before the new mexico border. There was a little convenience store where I was able to fill my water bottles and a rest stop for me to post up for the night. It was not the best night sleep ever, the train tracks were maybe a thousand feet away and a train would go by every 45 minutes or so. It didnt help that I was in a canton either but none the less I was able to get some sleep in. The best part is the rest stop had a pay phone that was relatively cheap, so I was able to make a few calls to my family and the girl whose couch I was supposed to be sleeping on in gallop.
In the morning I woke up really sore. I decided to take my time and enjoy the morning. It was quite beautiful where I was so I soaked in the view and played the Uke a bit. I took off probably about 9:00 and headed out down the road. About ten miles in my tire was flat so I went to pump it up and the valve broke. That meant was screwed I was still about ten miles out if gallop and now my tire was flat. There was no way I could walk without riskin damage to my wheel so I stuck my thumb out. It only took about an hour until my saving grace the wonderful angel AmandA or 'manda in heed pickup truck. She was headed to Oklahoma on her way back from Phoenix where she was visiting her daughter. To make a long story short since my battery is dieing she drove me all the way to albuquerque. I told myself I would not refuse a ride if offered so here I am I will edit this and add more later much love.


  1. What a journey!! So awesome and I wish you all the luck in your travels. I'll repost your blog on my tumblr, maybe it will get you some donations! - Chelsea