Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am in texas

Aloha everybody so I finally made it to Texas! On my way out of cloves nm I stopped at a mcdonalds to steal some wifi and decided to play the uke a bit. There was a fat older gentleman sitting by me who was asking me questions about my travels. He wasn't the most learned individual, asking me if south America was cheaper than Europe. He asked me a couple of other rather odd questions, then stopped talking. So I started playing friend of the devil on the uke, it has become one of my favorite songs to play and the guy turns to me and says "that is how youended up like this playing music like that." I just smiled and responded "I am quite happy where I am thank you." he then sneered and scoufled off. I eventually headed out and made it to Muleshoe Texas, home of the mules as if they could be anything else (Texas towns like to put the schools name on their town signs). It was another very cold night, I woke up with a centimeter thick layer of frost on everything. I waited for everything to defrost and then mosied my way down the road. I stopped in Sudan to fill up my water bottles and again pulled out my uke, this time a gentleman who was buying lunch at the gas station asked me to play some music while he and his friend ate then slipped me five dollars! I happily obliged and when he was done eating he thanked me and complimented me. That was the first time I have ever been paid to play music, it was awesome. The day of riding was tough though I was riding through 40 mile per hour cross winds which also turned into head winds at times... It made it a ling day but I managed to make 70 miles to Lubbock Texas all the same where I found a couch to sleep on. I am staying with a bunch of college kids in this goofy house just off the campus of Texas tech. They are nice guys and self described bicycle enthusiasts which is quite perfect. I am debating staying an extra night to give my knees a rest. I am only about 370 miles from Austin so about a day ahead of schedule. Which is nice... I still have a long way to go though, so I might just leave tomorrow and have a short day just to keep me movin and get me a bit closer. We will see. I will write more when I can as for now my battery is dying. Much love and alohas!

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