Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quick post of my past few days.

I left sante fe on Wednesday... It took me quite awhile to find my way out but eventually I did and went about forty miles down the road and set up camp on the side of the road... The next day I was very slow moving in the morning because of the cold... I decided to try something that turned out to be a very bad idea... Because of this decision I only made it about 25 miles... I did manage to make it to clines corners which had a gift shop and cafe with Internet so I hung out there for a few hours to let myself mellow out a bit... The people there were friendly but I swear to god there must have been a nuclear waste dump somewhere close by... These people were a unique species of human I am quite certain. I made camp on the side of the road about 5 miles from there... The next morning I woke up to ice in my tent and snow... It was a bitter cold ride that day. I rode to encino thinking there would be at least a gas station there but I was very wrong. The town was pretty much abondoned... The only two places that were open were the post office and city hall. Luckily for me the people were very nice. I stopped into the post office to ask if there was a place to grab something warm to drink... She said no but then called over to city hall and the couple of ladies working there were kind enough to make me some coffee. I hung out there a bit then headed to vaughn which had a little bit more going for it. There I was able to fill my water bottles and I ride about 20 more miles and made camp. The next day I went to fort sumnor and found a little kitten sitting on the side of the road with no houses anywhere around it. I was very tempted to bring him with me because he was so damn cute but I really couldn't... Luckily I found a house just down the road with a couple of people out front I brought the kitten to them and they said they would take him. After that I road another 12 miles down the road and made camp on the side again. That brings me to today. I am now in melrose nm about 30 miles from the boarder I am goin to shoot for that tonight and get out if new mexico. I am stoked to get out of new Mexico. I found a place to stay in Austin which ses cool so I am excited to get there. I should be under 500 miles today. Wooten. Well that is about it. I will update again when I can! Much love and aloha.

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