Friday, December 3, 2010

Settling into living

So I have been in Austin for about a week and a half, it had been loads of fun. A tad stressful at times just trying to find a bit of work and a place to lay my head for a minute. As of now I have the opportunity to hostel in the place I have been staying which is a pretty cool college co-op. It is a pretty ingenious idea. They have quite a few of them here in Austin, they are essentially dorms only the occupants pay rent and do about 4 hours of work a week. In return they are provided with all the freedom of living in their own apartment as well they have community lunches and dinners every day. For kids in college I think this is a beautiful idea. They all must participate in some way either by cleaning, doing yard work, cooking or helping cook... It gives the kids a little bit of structure, but at the same time they can do whatever they want still without worrying about getting in trouble with school.
My other option is to move onto a farm, it is out of town a little bit, however I would more than likely live for free. It also might offer me a chance to make a little monies... Decisions decisions. I feel like the farm might be best but I have made quite a few friends where I am and it's nice being around good people. But I think I can suck it up and go do a little farm living again. It would be very nice to do a little farm work and just relax somewhere. The only problem with the co-op is it can be a little hectic.
We will see, on another note I have had a great time so far meeting new people and all. I have noticed every guy I talk to about my trip gets inspired. They all drool over the idea of just getting up and going. Almost every guy I have talked to about my trip has said "I want to do something like that". It is pretty funny it must be some deep down hidden desire in all men to leave it all behind and just be free to travel. What ever the case I really hope I am inspiring them and they all do take a little time to explore this great world. Well that is all I have for now! I will update again soon enough much love and alohas!

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