Monday, November 8, 2010

Ah Sante fe

So I made it to Sante fe, it was an awesome ride and a perfect day to be riding. I started out very slow my knees were in quite a bit of pain but the slowly loosened up as I went along. I could not get immediately onto to the interstate because I was in alburquerque. so I took the route through the reservation. It was a really beautiful ride. I had a tail wind and was riding through this little valley with large trees. All of the trees leaves were changing color and dropping on the road as I went along. It felt like such a typical fall day, it was perfect.
About half way through my ride I ran into a section of dirt road. I had the option of staying on the road and riding to the interstate or continue riding on the res and ride across the dirt road. I figured the dirt road couldn't be that bad so I took off. About a mile down I realized the dirt roads on the res were a little worse than I was expecting so I figured I should turn around... But first I decided to take a little break. While sitting on the side of the road I pulled out my uke and started playing. Pretty quick a white pick up truck pulled up with a couple of native guys in the cab. They greeted me and asked me where I was going? I told them Sante fe and asked if the road I was on would take me there and how long it was dirt for... They told me it would and said I had about three more miles, then asked me to play them a song so I did. I played friend of the devil, right after I finished they offered me a ride down the dirt road and back on the pavement. I graciously accepted and loaded my bike in the back of the truck and hopped in.
After that one gentleman John told me of a route up through a little Spanish town. I talked with them a little bit and headed down the road. The last 23 miles were probably the hardest. There was one monster hill I had to climb over but I did it without stopping. That made me feel really good. I made into Sante fe right before dark and found my way to my friends Carlos and daphne's house where I met up with my parents. I have spent thlast few days in Sante fe. Saturday my parents and I went to a hot tub and had a nice relaxing time. I will be headed out to Austin soon. Planning to be there for thanksgiving. I will post more later much love and aloha to you all!

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