Saturday, November 20, 2010

The joys of riding a headwind

When facing a strong head wind there are many things that go through your head. One is what the hell am I doing? Second is do I really need to keep riding? These are valid questions and should be considered what are you gaining by torturing yourself? The best reason to ride through is if you know it isn't going to get any better in the next couple of days or even better is that it is only going to get worse. At some point you need to keep moving so, knowing it is only going to get worse and that if you wait you will also end up in the rain you decide to go suck it up and pedal into the wind. It is going to be hard, and very tiring. There will be times when you're stopped dead in your tracks by the wind. This can be extremely demoralizing. But the best thing you can do is throw yourself in a lower gear and keep persevering, the only thing that is going to get you there is turning that crank. You may only be moving at 5-8mph but you have no other option. Just hunker down and keep pedaling you will make it eventually! Haha. One more thing, take small victories as large ones. If you made it 50 miles think of it as had the wind not been there cutting your speed in half, you would have made a hundred if not more.
Needless to say I am facing a serious head wind and it does not look like it will be getting any better over the next couple of days. I have barely made it 30 miles in 5 hours, it is just killing me. But there is only one way I am getting there, and if I don't do it quickly I will be riding through the rain. So here I am just pedaling as much as possible. The upside to riding in these conditions? I am burning probably 1000 calories an hour or more, meaning I can eat whatever the he'll I want. Haha. Oh boy time to keep moving. Just 20 more miles today and I will feel good about it. Much love and aloha.

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  1. In a headwind, a lot goes through your head, especially the wind and what is riding it! I'm feeling responsible for you quitting early on a day when there wasn't any wind....but I didn't remember the time change and that 3 our time is 5 your time... Anyway, the family get together was happily uneventful! I will be home all day tomorrow at the computer, and hope that you have an easier day of it, and that I get facteime with you. Don't eat too much of the McD food, it's poison even if you are burning 1000 calories a day!