Monday, November 1, 2010

Day one flagstaff to jackrabbit

Here we go I have the bike all loaded up, everything fits well the bike is a little wobbly but I will get used to it. It's a little chilly out with the wind coming from the east which means I will more than likely be facing a head wind. For this reason I am planning to stop at jackrabbit and hopefully camp somewhere near there. That will still make for about an eighty mile day. Which means I should probably get moving. Though quite honestly I am hesitant to get on the road, it is hard to get motivated at the moment. I am a little bit nervous but I think once I get going my nerves will die down.
I will try and post again later if I get the chance. Much love and aloha to you all.

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  1. Hey Carl!
    Ben, Eric, Tim, Barbara, we all say:

    Good luck, may the winds fair thee well. We'll work on the wind situation for you :)

    Hey big guy

    Hi Carl

    Last night there was crazy party here in Flagstaff dude, I crowd surfed for the first time, got wasted, blasted, trashed and stoned! Punched this chick in the mosh pit and then this other chick punched me in the face and these girls were like "kick har outtt..." and they kicked her out. I've got to say a party with that many people was some what uncomfortable... tell him 9 bands were playing including you (me)! I guess that's why people drink beer. Um, then just put pizza in all caps PIZZA. Hope you don't get any ... say it dude, don't say it Tim... woah. woah tim Yup.