Friday, November 19, 2010

From Lubbock to... Dallas?

So I left the college kids in Lubbock and headed down the road. I took my time leaving and hung out with Dan and Matt for a bit. They took me to free lunch and I met some of their friends. I left about 1, I did not want to but I had a tail wind that day and decided to take advantage. About 8 miles from post I got another flat tire on my back wheel again, so much for the tube that wouldn't go flat... A nail went all the way through the tube making patching impossible. So I grabbed my spare unfortunately the spare was a piece of crap. It would not hold air for very long as I found out. I managed to make it just past post and set up camp. When I woke up I found my tire to be flat. So I took my bike a part and started trying to fix it yet again. While I was sitting there struggling a big truck rolled up. A couple of black guys were sitting in the front and asked if I wanted a ride, since I had told myself I would not refuse a ride I loaded my stuff and hopped in! Their names were Big Biggie and S-O, nice guys. Big Biggie did most of the talking while S-O was more of the silent type... They offered me a ride all the way to Dallas, since I needed a new tube I figured why not! So we headed down the road, they were a trip. I had never ridden with people who consciously littered before. Any way they dropped me in cedar hill which was an interesting part of town. There was a bike shop close by, so I grabbed a tire but by that time it was already 5 in the evening. So I managed to find a state park and camp for the night. Now I am debating leaving today or just hang out. I am well ahead of schedule now so it is tempting to hang an extra day. We will see. But my battery is during again so I must stop this now. Much love and alohas.

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