Saturday, May 28, 2011

So close but so far....

The past few days have been awesome. I have met amazing people on the road that have been so willing to help. I am a little sun baked so I will probably leave this short. I last was in eddy Texas... Since then I have made it to Demming New Mexico. It starte out slow on the back roads of texas. Moving maybe thirty miles a day for a few days. While sticking my thumb out just west of Burnett I got a little bored and decided to play my uke a bit. I will admit I was a bit stir crazy and was dancing a bit... Anyway I guess i scared some folks because I had the cops called on me... Next thing I know three cops pull up. The first one gets out and I walk toward him pulling out my I'D because this was routine now. Immediately he shouts "just stay where you are! Keep your hands where I can see them.
I am thinking "oh shit am I being arrested?" no luckily he was just a little skiddish. I handed him my ID but he read the number wrong to dispatch and they couldn't find me.
"you know why we cannot find a drivers license number for you?"
"Uh no this is the forth time this has happened in the past couple of days and each other time it's worked. I have my passport too."
"let me see it."
I pulled it out, he looks at it. "well I suppose it's alright what's the trouble?"
"flat tire sir"
"oh." then he walks over to the tire and checks it like I was lying.
"Well you have to understand son, what you're doing ain't normal. I mean sitting on the side of the road waiting for a rise playing the geetar is a bit... different."
"I understand sir I don't want to cause any problems."
"well then it's probably best you moved on. I can take you up the road but your bike has to stay here.
"thanks but I dont leave my bike anywhere."
I ended up limping it down the road a good ways. Till I got to Buchanan damn. I was there for a little while when this guy pulled over with his wife and daughter and ended up taking me to their restaurant where they had a shed they let me stay in and clean myself off. They also fed me brought me a tube and gave me a couple of dollars. They were just genuine people. Unfortunately my bike ate the tube and eventually it went flat.
My next ride was from a guy who ended up driving me all the way to Mason. He also gave me beer and food and it was just perfect. Then I managed to get the i10 and make it to fort Stockton, where I met some hitchhikers who had been there for five days... It didn't look good, but I ended up getting a ride all the way to las cruces by this gentleman who was equally as nice. Just so many good people.
I am now in Demming NM and will hopefully be home soon. Anywho much love and alohas!

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