Friday, May 6, 2011

Nola the broke way.

Alohas, been too long since I last made a post. I have spent my days playing music for the most part. It is tough being one guy on a uke here, because you are competing with full bands who gain peoples attention more than you. But I have been able to string myself along. I have spent most of my time playing with other people and gaining that experience. That part has been good and despite being broke I have managed to have a really good time down here. Many people instead of giving you money will just give you alcohol which is pretty cool I suppose. I haven't had to buy many beers, actually in total I think I have bought two beers! As well I was able to see Toubab Krewe last night for free which was incredible. But I ended up getting a little bit messed up and I also hadn't slept much so I left early and passed out. The show was pretty incredible still though.
I am getting a little tired of New Orleans though, it is a lot to deal with. The way I see it it is everything that is good and bad in the United States packed into one city. But it is still very fun and cool, I just think it is definitely a place to see in small doses. It also wouldn't hurt to have more money. Oh well. My plans are leaning towards heading back to az for a minute. I have I a few projects I would like to be able to focus on and finish, plus I have a lot of video and pictures to take off my itouch and do something with. With all that I think heading back to az wouldn't be so bad. Plus maybe make a little money too, cause I could really use it.
Highlights from new Orleans have been the night I got to play music with Brown Chicken Brown Cow, I spent one night cruising around with this English gent I met and two girls from Canada and we ended up in a hotel on the roof swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub, then of course Toubab Krewe, they were incredible! Then all the good people I have met here, most of them have been awesome. I even met Ani Difranco. Which was pretty damn cool.
The hardest part about new Orleans is people are more apt to look at me like a hobo, there are a lot of street kids here and they spend their days getting shitfaced and bugging people for money or their left overs. Which gives us travelers a bad reputation here. I get some dirty looks and some rude comments, but oh well. Life is good... I am ready to setlle down somewhere comfortable for a minute so going back to az will be good. Well that is all for now, much live and aloha.

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