Monday, May 23, 2011

Well poop biscuits.

Well these past few days have been topsy turvy and full of awesome. I tried Hitchhiking at one point but being on back roads I couldn't get a ride. So I ended up riding. I managed to make it 80+ miles. It was a he'll of a day though. It was hot and very humid plus I was riding up some crazy hills. Being in the hill country of Texas I found out exactly whatbthat meant I was expecting rolling hills. Noo they were much more than that. It was hell on a bike to say the least. When I finally rolled into Centerville I was pooped, I could barely move my legs and was just about to collapse. I was out of money so I stopped at the gas station to fill up with water and then move on. While gathering myself a woman came up and started talking to me I told her the basics of my story and she eventually offered to buy me dinner, I at first declined but she insisted. I couldn't say no twice and she came back with a glorious spread of barbecue and even a slice of pie! Then as if that were not enough she slipped me a few dollars and a bag of oranges!!! It was the sweetest thing I have experienced so far, especially because her husband looked none to pleased. After I thanked her as much as possible and ate I rode a little ways down then road and made camp for the night.
The next morning I was greeted with another cop, who again ran my name and checked to see what I was doing. I mean really it gets old but oh well he was nice enough. I then started riding and made it 54 miles before my back tire decided it did not want to hold air anymore.
I must explainmy tire situation, as you know I have had my issues, I decided to stop writing about them but now I have to. I started out with two spares. The first one went on my back tire after I hit a pothole in Louisiana which cause the tube on there to burst. The second went to my front tire after I got a nail through it. I held on to that tube with hopes I could patch it. That leaves me with no tubes left. Then yesterday for no explained reason my back tube decided to not hold air anymore. I took it apart looked for holes. I have done this threes times but there is nothing it just will not hold air. It goes flat rather quickly too. Sometimes it will last a mile other times it will be flat it just a quarter to a half mile. It is making riding impossible. I have tried to patch the tire that got a nail through it to no avail. That one is done too. So now I am stuck in Eddy Texas. Between Waco and Austin on the 35. I spent the money the woman gave me on fruits and veggies, which were delicious last night. But does not help my tire hold air haha. I think I will hitchhike from here. We will see.
Oooh almost forgot I stopped at one gas station to charge my iPod that died last night and the attendant came out and told me I had to move on. I pleaded my case saying my tire was flat I am trying to charge the iPod since it is my only way to communicate with people but it was all in vain. He obviously had something up his butt and threatened to call the police. Glorious. So that added to my awesome day of riding 11 miles on a flat tire and realizing I am now basically stranded. So good. I really cannot wait to get home and spend a whole week working and making money and sleeping in a bed! Ah it will be glorious. Anyway. Good days bad days it is all a part of the adventure now I get to hitch it home and see how that goes. Woot. Wish me luck!

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  1. hey poop biscuits, I know it is not much, but I don't have a paycheck for the next two months until school starts back up so I have to plan for saving as much as possible. But hopefully this will get you a tube or two. I love you... XXOO Please make it home in one piece.