Saturday, May 21, 2011

These days are full of wonder.

Alohas so my last post was short and sweet and to the point because my battery was dying. This one will be more fun.
I neglected to mention my first run in with the cops which happened my last night in Louisiana. It was like a sign from god that it was time to get the hell out. I had just left Kinder a pleasant enough little town and was heading towards the Texas border. However it was starting to get late so when I came across q nice looking place to camp I went for it. It was a clearly abandoned road and I walked down it to make sure and it turned out to be s telephone pole service road. Great I thought that means it's state property no one should have any issue. So I went down it a good ways and set up camp. I made my dinner and went into my tent. Suddenly I felt an unpleasant presence so I peeked my head out the door of my tent and sure enough there was a cop sitting by the side of the road. He sat there for a good while I figured he was just killin time. Nope, he eventually gets out and starts making his way down the dirt road. So I get my shoes on and go to meet him.
"aloha" I of course say.
"what are you doin back here?"
"I am traveling by bicycle and decided since it was getting dark to make camp for the night."
"traveling or homeless?" he asked with a pretty bitter tone.
"traveling sir."
"you have I'D on you?"
"of course" I grab my wallet and hand him my drivers license which if any of you have seen is pretty damn glorious and looks nothing like me.
"this you?"
"yeeaaah it really is." I couldn't help but laugh a bit. So he calls it in and runs my name.
"it's not that I don't trust you, I don't trust anyone."
"yeah I bet" eventually it comes back as me and of course my name us clear.
"well now I still am going to have to say that you need to move, cause this is Uh, still town limits and we have Uh... City ordinance... Besides which this is private hunting land and well you will have to leave."
"I will be out in the morning early, it's just getting dark and I don't like riding at night..."
"yeah no younger gonna have to leave" he said more sternly.
"alright I don't want to cause any issue..."
So despite it getting dark quickly I packed up my camp and moved down the road. It was another four miles till I found another place to camp.
I got the he'll out of Louisiana the next day riding about 100 miles.. I got lost though and had to loop around at least 15 of the 100 miles. But it was still a century ride even if only 89 or so were in the right direction.
Yesterday was a day for wild life. I saw all kinds and not just dead ones on the side of the road. The highlight was seeing what I can only say was a chupacabra. No joke, it was a dog like creature with basically no hair, it was about the size of a coyote. Large pointy ears that were somewhat tear dropped shaped. It was most definitely wild and when I stopped to try and catch a picture it bounded off. Almost like a deer. I know I know likely story... But I have no reason to lie and unless Texas has a species of wild dog I do not know about this was most definitely a chupacabra.
Then last night happened. I was feeling pretty good yesterday having made it almost 70 miles after my century ride. It looked like it might storm so I set up my tent and put the rain fly on. Then at about 12 o'clock the heavens opened up, and I found out that my tent is no longer water proof... It stormed until 3:30 in the morning with lightning and thunder and rain pouring down. By 1 my tent was thoroughly flooded and everything including me was drenched. Sleeping bag sleeping pad, everything. I managed to shield the uke and case which held my itouch but that was it. I swear if Jesus does come today he picked a very fitting day. I was almost certain it was the rapture that is how intense the storm was. At 5 at the very first sign of light I packed everything up. It turns out that not only is my tent no longer water proof but my saddle bags are not either, all my clothes are wet, I am wet, tired, and really just want to be home. It's funny, but at the same time I just want to be home. I might just resign myself to the thumb today since everything is wet I won't be able to sleep well tonight and I only got 4 hours of sleep last night... Meh we will see how that goes. This is already mighty long so I will leave it at that... My days are glorious full of adventure and wonder, and my nights are a fury of the rapture! Haha. My life rocks. Much love and aloha


  1. Epic story my friend keep on writing!!! i need to do this more of my stories doing shows!

  2. Wow, come home, come home!