Sunday, May 15, 2011

Letting this thing get away from me again...

Alohas everyone. So I am back in Baton Rouge now. My stay in New Orleans was full of music and drinking... As much as I do not drink often it is quite hard to avoid when you are there. Most of the time while busking people will give you alcohol instead of tips. It's like saying here get a little more fucked up so you play worse. Though of course it is a pretty awesome time none the less. I met some really good people and that made my stay better. At first I was having a hard time with it mainly because of the large amounts of drinking which makes it harder to talk to people, unles you are drunk too... I feel I left at the right time though, and now my plan is to haul ass back to AZ.
First however I need to spend a minute getting my bike worked on, then from there it is off back through Texas and New Mexico and a on to Bisbee Arizona. I am thinking I might just push myself and see how fast I can make it because why not? I am excited for this, as much as I am also dreading it! I have about 1400 miles to ride and I will be shooting for two weeks to get back. Though I will not be afraid to take a little but more time, it will be interesting to see if I can make it. Mainly I want to do this because it took me so long to get here so I want to prove to myself I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Which if you know me you know I usually succeed in these endeavors... Cause well let's face it I am superman.
Alright enough gloating. I am going to leave this short because I am not feeling terribly inspired but i will be updating on my ride back just to keep you all up on my progress. I will be back in AZ soon enough and I am thinking maybe a little get together when I do?! We will see. Much love and alohas to all!

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  1. okay los.... Miss you and love you.... PLEASE email/FT if you need anything.