Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh home bittersweet home

Alohas so this is probably going to be my last post for a minute or two. I finally made it home. The last post I had made it past las cruces to deming new Mexico. I understated the generosity if the guy who gave me a ride to las cruces, mainly because I was trying to be quick. Anyway he ended up putting me up in a hotel and bought me breakfast and a couple new tubes. Unfortunately those tubes did not hold up but it did help. From Deming I got a ride to Lordsburg. I got the ride when a guy pulling a trailer with a dog house passed me. Right when he passed the dig house got caught by a strong wind and flew off the trailer and landing in the middle of the road. I quickly ran out after it since there was a long string of semi-trucks coming right for it. I managed to pull it out if the road just as they were passing. I helped him load it back up and he offered me a ride all the way to Lordsburg. He then bought me some food at McDonalds which was very kind of him. He hooked it up. After that I found a place to sleep and crashed out for the night.
My trip home started off really good getting a ride to Tucson. Once in Tucson I found it hard to get a ride. I ended up being stuck in the Tucson for about 10 hours! When I finally got a ride to Phoenix the guy who picked me up dropped me off right on the side of the freeway at I-10 and baseline. I was stuck until an angel named Tiffany came and saved me and we some how managed to fit my bike in her small car.
And so I was home and have remained there. I will be back for a bit and then move on again. Until then though I will probably let this blog sit in wait. I have some projects to do, also looking for work if anyone in AZ wants anything done or knows people that might need help with anything I am happy to help and work hard! Thank you all for your support doing this crazy adventure! Much love and alohas to all of you!

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  1. Los, seriously... come up here for a bit. Will pick you up. Sadie would be ULTRA happy to be in the cool weather and you can eat fresh veggies... so I JUST got the confirmation that my donation had made it into your account... stupid paypal.
    Love you losef.