Friday, May 20, 2011

On the road home

Alohas! So I have started my way back home. It has been interesting. I fixed up my bike in baton rouge and headed out. Unfortunately my right shoe no longer clips in. This has made riding difficult. But I am pushing through it!
When leaving baton rouge I had to hitch a ride across the bridge because I didn't feel like risking my life. It took me about two hours to do so! That was lane but I eventually got a ride. The next day was a weird one, people were rather rude, which really drains your spirit. But I ended up riding a good distance I suppose. The day after that was good, people were much more cheery, I met a "certified coon-ass" who owned a gas station I stopped at and he gave me some food which was awesome. Though it did not settle well in my stomach and before long I started feeling not so well. That was good motivation to make it to thence town
As quick as possible! When I finally found a restroom it was true salvation.
Upon the following day I rode over 100 miles and made it out of Louisiana. I got lost a couple of times because I was taking back roads that were not very well signed. But I found the right way eventually and made it a good distance. I also finally found the hills of Louisiana. Turns out they hide them in the north west of the state. But hey it made for a more interesting ride thank just riding straight. Anyway I am on the right path now and making decent time. My battery is dying so I must leave this short. Much love and aloha!

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