Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baton Rouge along with some changes to the plan

So Friday came, the day before my birthday and it was time for me to leave the farm. I worked a little bit in the morning as kind of a fuck you to the guy who owned it. Just to show him that he just lost a very good worker by being a dick. After that I headed to baton rouge. The ride started off alright. The day eventually turned into a headwind and it was slower going. None the less I made it by 5 o'clock in the evening. I checked my email but no one had written me back on couchsurfing. I tried contacting more people but I kind of felt like it was useless. Sure enough no one ended up writing me back that night. At about 8 I rolled over to highland coffee which is right on campus to just hang out. I ran into a couple of people playing music out front, one guy on a violin and another playing guitar. Turns out the guitar player was a traveler also from Spokane Washington. The violin player lived in baton rouge, we all played music for a bit and then we all went over to a bar. The guy who played the violin then proceeded to buy both Bob and I beer, he was a super nice guy. He didnt even know it was my birthday or anything, just wanted to buy us beer. He reminded me a lot of Sylvester Stallone in his looks and speech.
Any way at the end of the night I was still homefree and so Bob showed me a field we could crash in where no one cared. I guess it is a well known field for travelers. It was perfectly fine place to crash for the night under the stars. The next day I hung out with Bob, he introduced me to this guy Travis who let both of us stay at his house. He was not a couchsurfing host or anything, just a nice guy. We hung out the whole day for my birthday and celebrated the best way we could without any money. It was good, really good.
Sunday wasn't the most eventful day, it being Easter most places were closed, I ended up cooking some delicious curry for Easter dinner, it was good. Monday nigh was the drum circle and vegan potluck so I took Bob and Travis to that since neither one had heard of it. It was great to see all those people again and relax.
On Monday I also got some interesting news... My buddy who was planning on joining me on part if the trip just found out he is going to be a father! No worries he is married and loves his wife so it's not some terrible one night stand with a crazy Christian woman. So now that changes my plans again... I am thinking it might be time to head back to AZ soon to make some money and such... I might go to Florida anyway to get to the east coast, I realize this is cheating slightly but that is how it is working out. Then I will head back to Arizona through the middle of the country, or something like that. We will see. Anyway that is all I have got for now... We will see where I go from here! Much love and alohas everyone.

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