Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ponchetula strawberry festival and my first week of work

Alohas everyone so it has been a few days since I last wrote. My apologies, once you get into settling in mode it is hard to remember to update a blog at least for me. I start enjoying living too much and get caught up in it. Can you blame me?
Anywho last weekend was the strawberry festival, a weekend of everything strawberry, beer wine cake anything glutinous was there. It also brought out the stereotypes, of both white and black. There were ladies with their hair all did and cars completely pimped out with rims and sound systems blasting canned rap. As well you had the slow redneck good old boy types driving their pickup trucks and blasting country. And last of course the average good christian family, slightly to morbidly obese, in their midsize cars listening to modest christian friendly music. To finish off this strawberry sunday were the bikers who were out in force, all dressed the same sporting their logos and creedos on their leather vests. Oh it was a sight to see!
The only unfortunate thing about the festival was how expensive everything was, but that also meant people were in the money spending mood. So I decided to try my hand at busking. It was my first time really trying it, I had played music on the street but never with my case out trying to make money. Within a few hours I had already pulled in forty dollars! I was feelin great, I figured it was a good time to take a break so I went to the bar and grabbed a couple of beers. Afterwards I figured I should at least make the money I spent on beer back so I went back out, I pulled in another $35! I was feeling high at this point, I couldnt believe it! Why hadn't I done this before? It was beyond me. So now I have an idea to just hit small town festivals and busk. I think I might be able to fund my whole trip that way... We will see.
The next day was my first full day of work on the farm. Though at least I wasn't alone on Sunday a French gentleman came to the farm as well. He is a super nice guy and goofy. Something aboutfarms and French people for me. Everytime I go to one there is one there! Haha. The work was good, I installed a taro field with Jean Baptiste, then the rest if the time we have been building. The guy who owns the farm is really nice, but my only thing is he is not exactly friendly. It is hard to talk to him, he is scared of a lot and in many ways he is a little weird. We are provided with three meals a day cooked by the guys mother, which are quite good... Except he doesn't like spicy food. So in a place with thousands of Mosquitos there is no garlic in any of the food... Not to mention there is meat in every meal, so I have been eating a lot of meat and that is making me smell! Haha even after I shower it is just a few hours before I smell again. Last the way the farm is is a complete mess. He doesnot take care of his tools many of them are broken or breaking, and the place is covered with trash. He is like Bob in hassium if any of you have heard my stories about him. He doesn't throw anything away, so the place is riddled with junk that he expects to use... The only problem is much of it probably wouldn't last long if he did use it. I feel like most of what I am learning here is what not to do... But that isn't entirely bad.again he and his family are very nice and I am so appreciative of the place to stay and the food, and the work is good honest work. Just a few things that I have issues with, but it is all good in the end. Today I will be headed to New Orleans to busk. We will see how I do! Much love and alohas everyone.

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