Monday, April 4, 2011

Baton Rouge, oh yes I made it to the Mississippi river

Alohas everyone! So last I wrote I was in lake Charles having to stop to visit a doctor. After I left there I rode to Kinder which was not far but again I found myself locked in conversations with people. Many if them were people talking to me about Jesus. I find myself in bible country in the south and many people still hold their beliefs. Having my own religious views I could do little but smile and nod. While traveling one of the best things you can learn to do is hold your tongue. There will be many times when you find yourself in conversation with folks who do not exactly hold the same views as yourself and will not do you any good to get into an argument over it. Everyone had the right to their own opinions and beliefs and it is not always your place to speak up against them. If you are asked your opinion that is another story and I always recommend telling the truth because people appreciate honesty even if it upsets them a little. For me religion is one topic I stay away from it is something many people feel very strongly about and can be the one thing that people are unwilling to hear any other view on. So I have found it best to just keep your tongue holstered.
Anyway back to the travels. When I left lake Charles I had all intention of making it further than kinder but my bike had other plans. While I was riding my rear rack came loose and before I knew it I was dragging me back panyards behind me. I had no idea what had happened... Luckily for me I was in the south and that meant I was in the land of southern hospitality. Before I knew it two cars had already pulled over to help me. We all took a look at the bike and figured out that it was merely that a couple of bolts had come loose and all we needed to do was tighten them back on. So they held the rack up while I gave them a good tightening... Though it still seemed to met that it was quite right yet but it was holding alright so I continued on my way. I made it to kinder a little while later, mind you I had been again fighting with my back tire to stay inflated so most of the day was spent riding on a low tire. This slows you down quite a bit especially with so much weight on the bike.
Once I made it to Kinder I stopped
At the grocery store to buy some food. Upon walking out I ran into a couple who was walking with their two dogs to washington for the rainbow gathering. They definitely looked the part of rainbow goers... A little dirty and unkept but they were nice people. I talked with them a bit and they told me of a place to camp.
I would like to hear plug another traveling tip I have picked up. Always keep yourself looking presentable. This is something that I found to be very helpful when it comes to gaining peoples trust and acceptance. When you look dirty and unruly people will merely think of you ad a bum and transient. Which in w a way you are but above all you are a traveler, an explorer and you cannot present yourself as any less. Do you think Christopher Colombus would have had so much respect over the Indians if he looked like a dirty bum? No. Your appearance becomes your selling point to people, as terrible as that may sound and you must maintain a certain amount of presentability.
Again back to my travels. The next day I started out early with intentions of making it to baton rouge. But again my bike had other plans. My tire would not stay inflated longer than a few miles so eventually I had to patch the tube. Right after I got my tire put back together a woman pulled over and asked if I would like a ride. I said yes, because I said I would never deny a ride. She was a real southern woman, a little over weight, a little brash and rough around the edges but a sweetheart none the less. She asked if she could trust me, I assured her she could, however she did still make mention that she carried a gun with her just in case I was not good intentioned. I reassured her that I could be trusted. She was traveling with who I assumed was her nephew or grandson Scotty. They were both flabbergasted over what I was doing and why I was doing it. They only took me down the road a few miles but it was appreciated all the same.
After that I stayed and talked a bit then headed on my way. Eventually my suspicions rang true about my back rack and sure enough it popped off again. This time I decided to not risk it and used my belt to hold it up. Io didn't make it the hundred miles to Baton Rouge, I only managed 50 but it was okay because I found a field of flowers to set my tent up in. It was too good to pass up. The next day my body was not feeling up to riding much so I rode about 15 or 20 miles and then before I got to the narrow bridges I was going to have cross I decided to stick out my thumb. I got a ride from a young guy named Phil who was extraordinarily nice. We had a good talk about touring and traveling. Eventually he took me to a little farmers market and bought me vegetables. It wad awfully kind of him. When we got into Baton Rouge he gave me a quick tour around and bought me lunch at Cains. I thanked him as much as I could, being low on money it was a huge help and very much appreciated. I stayed with a young girl and her roommate that night and then the next I found another place to stay. Both girls were in school and I did not want to be a bother to them. However they were both extraordinarily sweet and hospitable. The south so far has proven to it's reputation. Anyway this is mighty long already so I will leave it there. I will write more later much love and aloha.


  1. I am glad to hear that you are doing okay los dos.
    I miss you. Come home soon. :)
    Stay out of trouble. <3

  2. Hope you got some pics of that field of flowers, great story!