Friday, April 8, 2011

From Baton Rouge to the farm

So like I said before I made it to baton rouge. The first night I stayed with a sweet girl, but she was busy with school so I did not want to be a bother to her. The next night and for the rest of my stay in baton rouge I stayed with what is the core of the "good vibe tribe". This was a house of amazingly kind and like minded woman. On Monday night they host a drum circle and vegan pot luck, it was exactly what I needed to experience. Up until then baton rouge just seemed like just another college town with nothing but Hipsters and alcoholics. The folks who came to the drum circle were all wonderful genuine people. It made time fly by unfortunately and before I knew it I needed to get to the farm.
Of course as always the farm isn't quite what I expected. In fact it is a touch of a disappointment... They do have aquaponics set up and the guy who is running it definitely knows what he is doing... However the current state of the farm is in dissaray. There is trash everywhere, nothing is organized, and it really makes me wary on what work is going to be like. Oh well I am going to give it a try and see how it ends up. The guy seems very nice... We will see. I don't have too much to report at the moment... I have just been enjoying all that I can. Anyway I will update more later alohas.

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