Friday, December 24, 2010

A trip home for the holidays!

So I now find myself back in Arizona! I have spent that last few weeks working on the property and just hanging out in Elgin. It has been a lot of fun, I have met a bunch of wonderful people there. All are extremely nice, in reality everyone I have met has been quite amazing. We had a party out on the farm that was a lot of fun, it was a couchsurfing event so got to meet quite a few people. Then there was this australian fella who came out with my ex-host Tamilla, he ended up staying for a few days which was pretty damn nice. He was a really nice guy, had been traveling since August around the west coast of the states.
While we were sitting around the fire I happened to mention that I found some Tim-Tams being sold at the local H-E-B... which is texas' local grocery store. His eyes lit up like I had just told him he was going to be a father or just won a million dollars. So we ended up going out and buying a few packages and made a night out of Tim-Tams and organic milk. For those of you who do not know Tim-Tams are an Australian cookie that is rectangular and covered in chocolate, and the best part of them you can bite both sides off and then use it like a straw to suck milk through, making the cookie on the inside all deliciously soaked with milk. They are probably some of the best cookies you will ever have, if you ever find them. Pepperidge farms is makes them, see keep your eyes out!
Anyway, Yesterday, Thursday, I left Austin and flew in to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. It was a little weird being back in Phoenix when I had no intention of going home for a good while. But all the same I am happy to be back with the family. This is the first time in my life that I get to take a trip home for just a visit. It is kind of like taking a vacation from my vacation... Just decided to double up a bit. Right now I am down in bisbee, looking out at my parents yard that I landscaped and with all intention of tooting my own horn, I am still damn proud of this yard. Haha. I cannot express enough how good it feels to be around my family for the holidays. It is nice to be able to take a small break from the road and get back into the loving arms of your friends and family.
Tomorrow we are headed out to see my grandparents which is always a hoot... Surprisingly I am actually looking forward to is at this point. This is all just a part of the adventure, and to be able to see my grandparents is definitely a blessing. As much as my grandfather can be a bit of a handful, you cannot hold it against him. My sister told me a story about my cousins wedding which happened while I was gone that made me feel a little bad. For one my cousin did not invite them to her wedding, which I guess given the history is somewhat understandable but still, they are your grandparents... Then after the wedding the family went back to my parents house where my grandparents were. My grandfather eventually approached my mom and said that Gretchen, my sister, was the only grandchild that talked to him. That actually broke my heart a little to hear it. I mean sure we have had some hard times with Pampa and he hasn't always been the nicest of people, but he is still our grandfather. Anyway, because of that I do look forward to seeing both Mema and Pampa. I have not spent as much time with them as I should and this will be the first Christmas we have spent with them in a good while, so it will be good.
Well that is all I can think to update right now... Sorry I have been slacking on this. I will try harder, but I make no promises. :-) I love you all and wish you all a safe and happy holidays! ALOHA!

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