Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh this beautiful world

As my life continues to move forward into places I have never been I look back at where I came from and smile. I live a blessed life, I have spent so many days smiling that it is hard to remember the bad days. But even as I look back at the few hard times I have had I cannot help but smile at them too. I am so very thankful for everything I have experienced so far, good and bad. Everything has shaped me to who I am today... I have no regrets. 
Everything is now in the past even that last sentence so there is no reason to worry about it, just smile and look forward. This world has proven again and again to me that no matter how ugly it may be portrayed it is still beautiful. There are so many wonderful people in this world and so much beauty left to experience.
We should never have a fear of this world, there are some scary things in this world but the wonderful things completely outweigh them. If we enter the outside world with absolute love and respect, it is my opinion and experience, that the world and community will take care of us. We must be willing to appreciate all the little things and avoid feeling above any of it. Life is life, no matter if you are living it in a shack, on the streets or in a huge mansion, we are all living. And people will find happiness in all of it. There is beauty in all of it. 
I want to thank everyone with the deepest depths of my heart and soul. To all of those people who continue to support me and encourage me. To all those people I met for only brief moments but shared with me the same love and kindness they would a brother or son. And to those who I still have yet to meet in this world. I consider you all a part of my family no matter how quick our interaction may have been. I say it often but this world is absolutely beautiful. I wish all of you a safe and wonderful holiday season. Much love and aloha as always.