Friday, December 10, 2010

The "farm"

Alohas everyone so my journey has found itself out in Elgin... A little recap of my past few weeks. After thanksgiving I went back to the co-op and hung out with the wonderful kids there. One night we all went out to dub step and it is a night that must be recorded!
The night started with a bunch of us walking to the bus stop, we sat there for a bit when a limo pulls up and offers us a ride for 3 dollars a person... I thought it was a pretty good deal but we are cheap bastards and the bus is only a dollar. Then the limo drivers cousin comes up and says he will give us all a ride in the Mercedes for $10, there were 6 of us. So we went for it and rolled up to the club in a baller Benz. We went into the dub step, which I will be honest i am not the biggest fan, but I like to dance. The dj's were pretty solid but it was way too loud... I mean dub step is usually loud but this was unbearable. We hung out and danced for as long as our ears could take it and then decided to walk home.
While walking my friend Jessi recommended we walk down sixth street which is austin's bar street. It was definitely entertaining... All these kids who are nicely dressed and look very nice just getting shitfaced drunk. Upon first glance you wouldn't notice anything but with further investigation you notice every one of them is slurring their words and falling over themselves. It was a crack up.
We eventually got tired of walking and decided to hop on the bus... That is pretty much the climax of this night. Right when I get on the bus I notice barf bags hanging by the window... This was definitely a good indication of the ride we were about to go on. Immediately before the bus is even loaded and moving this girl starts piling all over herself... This girl was gone and her poor boyfriend had no idea what to do. After vommiting everywhere, the bus driver decides she needs to het off the bus, of course this girl couldn't walk on her own so she had to be helped off. While she was getting off the bus a guy with a couple of girls get on. The two ladies grab the two seats next to where the girl just hurled and then the guy proceeds to sit down where the puke was. It all happened in slow motion... Everyone on the bus was yelling "NOoo don't sit there!" while the guy inched closer to the seat. At one moment he stopped looked at everyone and then plop. The guy sat right in the puke. He immediately noticed his seat had sometime extra on there. When he stood up his pant were covered.
Finally the bus settled down and off we went. No more than a minute later another girl started vomiting! This time the girls friends were prepared with the bag up to her mouth... Unfortunately she managed to hit the small hole provided for a handle on the bag. The puke spewed through the hole and all over her friend. All the while that this is going on there is a couple behind me that is clearly breaking up and yelling at eachother. It was much better than any television show!
Anyway a couple of days after that I went out to the farm. When I got there there was no one around. The proerty itself has nothing on it but an uld shack of a house and a bug Jesus bus that I remembered seeing at burning man... It was a little strange but anyway I hung out for a bit and made a fire. Eventually this girl Lindsay showed up. She is an interesting woman to say the least. She has traveled a whole lot and currently is traveling the country with two horses and three dogs! She is a travel writer and has met and knows many of my favorite writers. It was awesome to meet her and again I feel I have found myself in the right place again. A little later the two guys who live out there on the bus showed up. They are very nice guys.
Since then we have just been working around the proerty. Their ultimate goal is to have a sustainable co-op where people can live and work on whatever they like be it art or some other projects. It is very admirable but they have a lot to accomplish still. They just moved onto the property it October.. But it is a place to hang out for a bit and maybe I will be able to help them. We will see! I will update later, much love and aloha!


  1. Thanks for making me laugh! The happy farm sounds like it might be a little poor, will you be paid for your help or just a place to stay, which is no small thing I know....still some coin in the pocket is not such a bad thing either. Anyway, excited to see you in 12 days! <3