Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let this get away from me...

Aloha everyone! It has been a long time since I updated this. I took a trip home for a minute which was pretty awesome except it left me feeling very homesick.
Since returning to texas I have not done as much as I would of liked. I have been trying hard to remain motivated however the weather has been cold and wet which has made it hard to get into town. I have spent quite a bit of time writing and getting my story put down on paper. The property I have been stating on is starting to get to me. There is nothing i can do at this current time because the guys do not have the resources nor the tools to really do anything. That has really been frustrating and has definitely led to my decision to leave. So I should be heading back on the road soon enough.
The tentative plan us to wait for a couple of things to come in for me then spend maybe one more week actually in Austin, then head out for new Orleans. I am super excited to get back on the road. I need to just keep moving and I am ready to cruise. Well I know this is a real short update but at this moment there really is not much to say. I life you all and miss you all very much. I will write more very soon, and try harder to keep this updated. I love you all. Much love and always aloha

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