Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here we go again... A final goodbye to Austin and a beautiful hello to the road

So I finally did it. I left Austin, it was hard and I ended up staying a lot longer than I planned... But that is life I had an amazing time in Austin and met nothing but wonderful people. Before leaving I ended up spending a night on the Austin City Limits old set, playing my ukulele on the same stage as the likes of Willie nelson, ray charles, Etta James, johnny cash... Etc. It was incredible and one of the most amazing moments of my life. Then I went to a full moon party out at pace bend and then spent the night hanging out with bunches if good people and sitting in on some amazing jam sessions. I was even complimented for my uke playing and my drumming, it felt good.
With all of that going on it was hard to leave... As well when you are traveling alone it is easy to get comfortable somewhere especially when you are around good company. It is hard to take that first step out into being entirely alone again, but here I am... Back on the road all alone. I have been taking my time today... I think I got a little out of shape while in Austin! So I am thinking just take these next few days easy... I am in no rush. The original plan was to make it to new Orleans by Mardi GRAS but that is looking less like the case. Which really doesn't bother me at all, originally I was thinking I might meet up with some friends but they are no longer going. Not to mention the idea of a bunch of drunk assholes running amok throwing beads this way and that doesn't actually really appeal to me.
However I did find a wicked awesome farm to stay on, it is a certified aquaponics farm. It seems like a really interesting place and I have the opportunity to learn a lot. It should be good. We will see. Anyway it is time I keep cruising. Much love and aloha!

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  1. Carl miss you bunches! Safe travels sexy ;) May the road rise to meet you...