Thursday, March 3, 2011

More bike trouble... Hick kids... And genuine small town folk

Alohas... So after I made my post yesterday I continued down the road it was a beautiful day out and I was slowly making my way along when I heard a trick behind me that sounded awefully close behind me. Now when you are riding you learn to listen to cars coming behind you and you can tell for the most part where they are on the road without looking. I have gotten damn good at this and it is why I do not wear headphones while riding. Anyway back to this truck, I could hear very well that it was coming up right behind me. All the sudden the horn blares and I quickly turned my bike off the side of the road and onto the dirt. Right then a truck full of hick redneck retards zoom by a whooping and a hollering zoom past on the shoulder of the road. If I had not made the split second decision to jump off the road they would have certainly hit me.
Well after that adrenaline rush I decided to take a quick break. I eventually collected myself and hopped back of my bike. I was riding for maybe ten miles when all of the sudden I hear *clank*. That was the sound of my spoke on my front tire breaking. Seems the rattling of swerving off the road started to loosen one of the bolts that holds my front rack on. Sure enough it eventually poked out far enough to catch a spoke. It was starting to get late at this point so I decided to just make camp for the night and figure everything out in the morning.
The next morning I packed up and walked my bum bike up to the road and stuck my thumb out. It took a little while but eventually a nice old man pulled over and offered me a ride to the next town. He dropped me off at a mechanics and I went to work on my wheel. I was able to replace the spoke and true up my wheel just enough to keep moving. It is by no means perfect but it will do for now.
After I got my bike all put together I thanked the gentleman who helped me. There was one guy in particular who hung out and talked with me the whole time I was working. Nice guy who trained race horses. Any I got my bike together and hopped back on the road. A little ways down this gentleman catches up to me and hands me a couple of dollars. It was so kind I could help but tear up a little. especially having had the shitty experience the day before Ahh this world is ultimately good.
I am now facing a pretty solid headwind and the weather is supposedly going to get worse tomorrow. Oh well not much further now. Hopefully I won't have anymore serious issues. Until my next update much love and aloha.

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  1. You attract the kindness of strangers, even if every once in awhile you need to be reminded of the idiots that are also sharing this planet with you.