Friday, March 25, 2011

SXSW craziness, sayin goodbyes to Houston and back to the open road

So since I last updated I have had some fun experiences... First Gene took me to see cirque du soleil 'Ovo' which was incredible of course. Then shortly after that he took me to see KISS perform at the rodeo, that was interesting. At least I can say I saw kiss live, even if they were all old and washed up. Luckily the concert only lasted about 45 minutes, which is all gene simmons can handle at this point! All through this time was still recovering from the poison oak... The next day I woke up and the poison oak was mostly gone, however it was now time for SXSW... How could I resist going being so close? Besides Gene had offered me a ride. So I went back to Austin.
SXSW was amazing, a sight worth seeing. Music everywhere, in every bar, restaurant, hotel and even on the streets of downtown. I was overwhelmed. So many people, many of them trying way too hard, packing every nook and cranny of space in Austin. I got to see lots and lots of great music performed, it was wonderful. My favorite parts were the street performances, they were all quite unique and genuinely fun. I also saw great performances by Black Angel, IAMDynamite, The Wreckards, and the Ben Miller Band to name just a few... So much fun. My only issue was it was centered mostly in bars and around drinking, which meant a lot of douchebags were running around. I ended up having to break up a couple of fights and just having to deal with adenoids screaming obsenities everywhere. Oh well I still managed to meet a lot of amazing people. Many of whom were introduced to me by Gene who basically knows everyone from what I can tell.
After south by, we headed back to Houston. I started to get everything packed up and ready to go. It took me a few days to finally leave but I eventually managed to get back on my bike... It was hard to leave and it definitely left my heart a little heavy for all the great people I met there but it feels good to be back on the road. I am riding more and more into the swamp lands and it is wonderful. So beautiful and green with flowers coming up everywhere welcoming the spring season. I have just a few days of riding so I should be to the farm soon, we shall see. I will update more later, much love and alohas

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