Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bitter cold.

Sometimes it pays to be lazy... Well maybe not pay but it does come in handy from time to time. It all started Tuesday morning at about four in the morning. All of the sudden the calm night was ripped open by incredible gusts of wind. It immediately woke me up as my tent was being thrashed about. It was intense to say the least. Then the rain and hail started it was pouring buckets right onto my tent and with the wind whipping like it was the rain was finding it's way into my tent. I found myself huddled up in the center of my tent the walls slowly coming in on me and the water starting to rise around me! I thought I might have to abandon my tent soon and made sure everything in there was packed and ready to go if the tent broke or got so wet I couldnt sleep! I was afraid that if I left the tent would blow away without my weight in it. So I stuck it out and eventually the rain and hail stopped and I settled back down into my sleeping bag. When I woke up it was well below freezing. It hasnt gotten over mid thirties since then and they are expecting snow tonight in Austin.
All of this makes me glad i decided to be lazy and not leave last week. I had been playing with the notion but then decided to stick around. If I had chosen to leave I would have been probably sitting on the side of the road dealing with this storm! Which would have just been trecherous! Anyway I am going to wait for it to warm up which will hopefully be soon enough. But until then I am just going to focus on staying warm.
That is really all I have for now. I hope you all are enjoying this awesomely cold weather. Stay safe stay warm. Much love and aloha.


  1. Go to Florida! and wait this winter out in warmer weather! The mountain got down to -64 and we never really got too much above -20 in flag (wind chill). Nicer today with a high of 50 expected by Saturday.... There is no such thing as global WARMING.

  2. This had to be the coldest temps I've witnessed in Phoenix of all places. Even my pipes froze for a few minutes. In Bisbee we still don't have water in the house. Holding up in tent during this severe weather trumps all our complaints. You're the man Carl!